COVID-19 victims’ Emergency Burial Appeal for 5 x deceased Muslims –

Please help us bury them!Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un “We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”

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1.Sister Khurshida passed away at home and a non Muslim Funeral Director was the only option to take her body to a mortuary. Her son made contact with the Muslim Burial Fund asking for help and we were able to assist in having their mother taken under our care. We were able to organise her burial so she could finally be laid to rest in peace.

2.Brother Ekhlas passed away at Royal London Hospital after being admitted with Covid 19 symptoms. Ekhlasur was disabled & had previous underlying medical conditions. He lived with his wife but had no children and relied on the goodwill of his neighbours.Ekhlasur’s widowed wife managed to contact us; we translated for her to have her late husband released from the hospital morgue for burial.

3. Mohammed Yusuff, had passed away from Covid 19 complications at North Middlesex Hospital after being admitted for less than a week. Muhammad was originally from Gambia and his wife had contacted Muslim Burial Fund after struggling to meet the costs for his burial.

4.Samba was born in Kindia, Guinea. He travelled first to the US then the UK where he worked as a Chef. He fell ill on 13th April. He contracted Covid 19 and died on 17th April.

5. (Non-Covid Case) Muhammed, a young 26 year old man, was murdered on 5th April in an unprovoked attack whilst visiting friends in Brighton. He is described as a very nice, friendly person; family orientated and a regular worshiper at the West Norwood Mosque. His family do not have the financial means to pay for his funeral. This difficult time has been made even harder due the delays caused by the coroner’s investigation. Please help us to lay Muhammed to rest and give his family some closure.

MBF team assessed all the cases and can confirm they are all in need of our collective help.Total burial would have costed 5 X £4,100 = £20,500. Alhamdulillah the total burial costs has been subsidised by public donations, partners support and family contribution. We are appealing to everyone to help us raise (£13,500). This amount is needed for all 5 burials.

Janazah & Burial:Unfortunately, public are NOT ALLOWED due to the government restrictions.PayPal Donation £5 a month with Muslim Burial Fund

Bank Details
Account name: 13 Rivers Trust
Account no: 51826700 | Sort code: 400118
Ref. Muslim BurialSurplus funds will be used to help those reaching end of life or assist with burial support.Covid-19 Burial Grants

HELPLINE: 07957 199328

To date we have supported over 227 people with burial support.…”Hasten to bury your dead….” Al-BukhariPlease Pray, Donate & Share
29 Apr, 2020

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