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Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes. Absolutely! We take great care and understand the sensitivity of private and confidential data. Our services are in compliance with the Data Protection act and GDPR laws and guidance.

What if my details change?

It is very important for our clients to take an active responsibility to inform us of any changes. If your address changes, contact number or next of kin please inform us. Annually we will contact our clients to discuss if any update is needed.

What if I die abroad, would you still carry out my burial?

Unfortunately, not. We do not operate overseas but we would like to be informed should it happen by next of kin or contact.

Would I need to contribute any money towards the services?

No, you do not need to but we are a charity and if you are able to contribute we would be really grateful for that as it would help support other clients.

Will my details be shared with third party organisations?

Absolutely, not.

If I am unable to reach out to anyone at the time of death, who will contact Eden Care?

All our clients who request to be put on our National Muslim Burial Register will be given a form of ID in due course to be worn with our contact details on.

Citizenship - Do I need to be a British national to apply?

No. You do not as long as you have proof you are residing in the UK. For the National Muslim Burial Register you MUST be in the UK as we do not operate overseas.

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