Emergency Burial Appeal for 15 People

Supporting Burials 250 – 264

Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raji’unWe belong to Allah and to Him we shall return

Covid-19 victims and Emergency Burial Appeal for 15 deceased Muslims.

It’s a collective responsibility to bury our dead. Please support us!

Ways to Donate

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Background of Deceased
1. Brother Abdul Aziz (Paul Stephen) a 77 year old revert Muslim passed away due to Covid-19.
2. Brother Siraje came to the UK in 1990, passed away due to Covid-19.
3. Brother Hassan came to UK in 2014 and has no family in UK. He was murdered.
4. Brother Sulaiman contracted Covid-19 passed away.
5. Brother Mustafe passed away due to Covid-19.
6. Brother James a 58 year old a revert Muslim passed away.
7. Brother Bashir died due to Chronic kidney failure.
8. Sister Raby a Muslim sister passed away.
9. Sister Hadija died due to breast cancer & mental health.
10. Sister Haq a Muslim sister from Bangladesh died due to lung cancer and multiple organ failure.
11. Sister Khairaa passed away. MBF intervened and prevented a non-Muslim burial.
12. Brother Ekhlas passed away due to Covid-19.
13. Brother Yusuf, passed away due to Covid-19.
14. Brother Samba, passed away due to Covid-19.
15. Br Muhammed, was a 26 year old Muslim who was murdered in an unprovoked attack.

Our Appeal

Total burial would have normally cost £61,500 (15 x £4,100 each burial).

Alhamdulillah the majority costs have been subsidised by partners & family contribution.

We are urgently appealing to you to raise £25,500 (15 x £1,700 each burial). Any surplus funds will be used to help those reaching End of Life or Burial Support.

Janazah & Burial:No public allowed due to Government restriction.

T: 07957 199 328

E: info@muslimburialfund.co.uk

W: https://muslimburialfund.co.uk/

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