Emergency Burial Appeal for Mohamed Raafat Abdelrazak

Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return


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Mohamed Raafat Abdelrazak passed away after battling several health conditions in hospital. He was 75 years old. Mohamed had limited family members in the UK as he was originally from Egypt and returned back to UK after initially studying here in the 1970’s. Mohamed married a Polish classmate and spent his last 10 years with her in London. Mohamed’s wife was by his side during the time of his need and she understand the importance to honour her husband’s last rights as a Muslim. Both Mohamed and his wife have little means as an elderly couple however MBF assessed the situation and can confirm that Mohamed is in need of our collective help.

Our Appeal

We are appealing to everyone to help us pay for the funeral cost. £2100 is needed to cover the costs of the burial. Any surplus funds will be used to help those reaching End of Life or Burial Support.

T: 07957 199 328
E: info@muslimburialfund.co.uk
W: https://muslimburialfund.co.uk/

”Hasten to bury your dead”

Please pray, donate & share
May Allah reward you

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