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Muslim Burial Fund offer assistance and support to needy Muslims to meet the traditional burial cost and most importantly prevent the possibility of any needy person being cremated. We provide pre-burial and direct burial support including the washing, shrouding, funeral prayer and the actual burial.

We do not support the cremation of any Muslim persons known or unknown.

Eligibility Criteria for Muslim Burial Fund

In order to be eligible you need to meet any of the criteria below:

  • You must be on welfare benefits
  • You must have limited saving
  • You have little or no family support
  • You are a Muslim revert in need of support

How We Can Help?

  • Advocacy

  • Burial Plan

  • End of Life Support

  • Rapid Response Team

  • Legal Burial Support and Will Service

  • National Muslim Burial Register

  • Education and Awareness Seminars

  • Personal, Protective Equipment

Our Achievements Since 2013

We have achieved the following milestones since establishing Muslim Burial Fund in 2013:

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