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Emergency Burial Appeal for 5 People

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Burial Appeal for Revert Sr Jasmine and 4 other burials

Jasmine reverted to Islam from a Hindu background. On 7th May 2020, her body was found by police after they had broken down her front door. She had been lying dead for almost three months. Please help us give our sister and four other Muslims a dignified Muslim Burial.



Jasmine was living alone and had separated from her husband. After discovering the news of her death, her former husband contacted our team requesting burial support. They had a child together who is now 9 years old. The father doesn’t have the means to pay for the high costs of burial in Birmingham. Jasmine’s parents are not opposed to their daughter having a Muslim burial. 

Please help us lay Jasmine and four other Muslims to rest in a dignified manner and help bring some closure for the child she has left behind.


Our Appeal

We are appealing to everyone to help us pay for the funeral cost. £9,900 is needed to cover all the burial costs.

Any surplus funds will be used to help those reaching End of Life or Burial Support.


Janazah and Burial:

No public allowed due to Government restriction.


T:07957 199 328



”Hasten to bury your dead"



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May Allah reward you.


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