Our Work

What We Do

Muslim Burial Fund offer assistance and support to needy Muslims to meet the traditional burial cost and most importantly prevent the possibility of any needy person being cremated. We provide pre-burial and direct burial support including the washing, shrouding, funeral prayer and the actual burial.

We do not support the cremation of any Muslim persons known or unknown.

Eligibility Criteria for Muslim Burial Fund

In order to be eligible you need to meet any of the criteria below:

  • You must be on welfare benefits
  • You must have limited savings
  • You have little or no family support
  • You are a Muslim revert in need of support

Ahad Miah Garden of Firdaus


We advocate on behalf of the Muslim deceased so that they are not cremated and buried according to their faith.

Burial Plan

We meet terminally ill people and those reaching End of Life and support them with their burial plans. For example, where they want to be buried, how their burial should be and how the burial will be financed.

End of Life Support

We provide a friendly one to one person centred support for people who are terminally ill and reaching end of life. Service users who are referred to us are paired with a befriender to support him/ her with their personal, social and spiritual needs.

Rapid Response Team

We provide speedy support to people and their families reaching End of Life. Our intervention includes providing advice and guidance as well as practical help with food and transport during their hour of need. A designated group of trained volunteers respond quickly to the needs of people and their families. We visit them in their home, hospital, care homes or hospices.

Legal Burial Support and Will Service

We offer a free legal burial support and Will writing service for Muslim reverts who are vulnerable, worried about not receiving a Muslim burial after their demise; feel they might be buried or cremated against their faith or wishes.

National Muslim Burial Register

The National Muslim Burial Register (NMBR) is a national database for those worried about not having anyone to carry out their Final Rites. It is a completely new project for those who do not have anyone to bury them and would like us to carry out their Final Rites after their demise.

Education and Awareness Seminars

We offer educational and awareness seminars focussing on key themes and issues on End of Life and burial support. This is delivered from community venues around the UK with our partners and volunteers.

Personal, Protective Equipment

We provide protective equipment for those dealing with Covid-19 burials.

Our Achievements Since 2013

We have achieved the following milestones since establishing Muslim Burial Fund in 2013:

individuals and families offered Covid-19 Burial Advice
People with Burial Support
People with End of Life Care Support
Grenfell Fire Victims with Burial Support
People with Legal Burial Support

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